Download e-book for kindle: Death on the Diagonal (A Crossword Mystery) by Nero Blanc, Noah Michael Levine, Audible Studios

By Nero Blanc, Noah Michael Levine, Audible Studios

ISBN-10: 0425216373

ISBN-13: 9780425216378

Rumor has it that the devastating hearth on the Collins relations stables could have been a torch job-and no ask yourself, with the entire relatives feuds occurring. Belle Graham guesses that somebody within the quarrelsome extended family already understands the solutions.

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Rosco glanced at his watch. “She’s meeting me at . . well . . twelve-thirty. ” Martha winked. “Would I have patted your tush if your missus were sitting at table number two? I don’t think so. But your ex-partner is down at the corner booth with Dr. J . . Big barn fire out at Collins’s last night, but I guess you heard all about it. The whole thing sounds fishy, if you ask me. When the rich can’t get richer legally, they can always rake their insurance companies over the coals . . or get into politics.

The smoke clogged his lungs, and his eyes felt as though they were burning up. Tears coursed down his cheeks as he reached for the round handle of the valve. But the moment he got his hands on the metal ring, a sharp pain shot through the back of his head. In the split second that Orlando remained conscious and aware of his surroundings, he heard a pinging noise he couldn’t quite identify and assumed it was produced by whatever had slammed into the back of his head. Then his thoughts returned to the sprinkler valve, and he was able to twist it open even while his body began crumpling to the dirt floor where it remained, inert as a rag, as water cascaded from the ceiling.

All they know about money is how to spend it, and spend it, and spend it. ” Belle nodded. Thompson Briephs had been the crossword editor at the Herald before he was murdered a few years back. It was the case that had introduced Belle to the man who would become her husband, and had also cemented a lasting friendship with Thompson’s octogenarian mother, Sara Crane Briephs, a woman Belle had come to view as her surrogate grandmother. “Wait,” she said, suddenly crinkling her brow, “You mean Fiona Collins and Thompson Briephs were an item?

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