The Ultimate Why Question: Why Is There Anything at All by Kevin Charles Minatrea, John F. Wippel (editor), University PDF

By Kevin Charles Minatrea, John F. Wippel (editor), University Press Audiobooks

ISBN-10: 0813218632

ISBN-13: 9780813218632

This quantity gathers experiences by way of well-liked students and philosophers in regards to the query how have significant figures from the heritage of philosophy, and a few modern philosophers, addressed "the final why question": why is there something in any respect instead of not anything whatever? The authors take this question heavily, striving to head past accounting for the current nation of truth as exclusive from a previous or next country, to the extra profound query of discerning why whatever whatever exists.

The responses are diverse: Lloyd P. Gerson considers Greek philosophy, and should Sim examines chinese language philosophy. Jon McGinnis explores a number one medieval Muslim thinker, Avicenna, and quantity editor John F. Wippel explores a number one medieval Christian thinker, Thomas Aquinas. those chapters are through 4 responses from the trendy interval: Tad M. Schmaltz on Descartes; Daniel Dahlstrom on Leibniz, specially as he's understood by way of Heidegger; Edward C. Halper on Hegel; and, ultimately, Holger Zaborowski on F. W. J. Schelling.
The ultimate component to the publication comprises own responses proposed via 3 modern thinkers who've addressed the matter in very various ways--Robert Cummings Neville, Brian Martine, and Nicholas Rescher.

Readers will achieve a better knowing and appreciation of a subject matter that has taxed the ingenuity of many philosophers in the course of the centuries and maintains to intrigue many thinkers today.

ABOUT the writer: An across the world famous metaphysician and professional in medieval philosophy, John F. Wippel is the Theodore Basselin Professor of Philosophy on the Catholic college of the USA. he's the writer or editor of various books and articles, together with The Metaphysical considered Thomas Aquinas, Metaphysical issues in Thomas Aquinas, and Metaphysical topics in Thomas Aquinas II. Wippel is the recipient of many prestigious awards and honors, together with the Aquinas Medal of the yank Catholic Philosophical organization.

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51–52. 36 Lloyd P. 18 But the claim that goodness is self-diffusive is no answer to our question if goodness is not identified with an absolutely unique first principle of all, a first principle that explains the being of everything else. 19 Here is the argument: There must be something simple before everything, and this must be different from all things which are after it, existing by itself, not mixed with the things which come from it, and yet being able to be present to these things in a different way, being itself really one, and not with its being as different from its oneness.

See David Hall’s “The Culture of Metaphysics: On Saving Neville’s Project (from Neville)” in Interpreting Neville, 273, for his argument against Neville’s characterization of asym- Chinese Philosophy 47 his views to be better illustrated in the Chinese traditions than in the Western. As he puts it, “My argument has been that both the category of ontological creativity and the categories of the primary cosmology are illustrated by the Chinese philosophic-religious tradition. ”17 Neville understands Westerners and Chinese to be responding to the same question concerning change.

See his “The Language of Being: Between Aristotle and Chinese Philosophy,” International Philosophical Quarterly 39 (1999): 439–54. 2. See his “On Looking Up ‘Dialectics’ in a Chinese Dictionary,” in Being and Dialectic: Metaphysics and Culture, ed. William Desmond and Joseph Grange (Albany: State University of New York Press, 2000), 197–212, esp. 201. 3 Hall explains (277) that the Chinese way of categorizing things is analogical, and thus is dependent on the particularities of things, rather than logical, or dependent on the “logical essences” or “natural kinds” of things.

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The Ultimate Why Question: Why Is There Anything at All Rather than Nothing Whatsoever? by Kevin Charles Minatrea, John F. Wippel (editor), University Press Audiobooks

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